Peabody Tree Lighting


The Peabody Christmas Tradition 


Memphis is a city rich with traditionsall of which come with a unique set of stories which shape our city. For some, the annual Peabody Tree Lighting Ceremony has been a part of their lives for thirtysix years. Every year, hundreds of families across the country flock to the Peabody Hotel lobby to take part in a day filled with fun and kick off their holiday season. The ceremony is an allday event consisting of a duck march, local holiday choirs, a visit from Santa, and of course the lighting of the tree. The Christmas tree it self has 20,000 lights and takes seven hours for a team of 20 florists to set it up. Many people attend every year because they cherish the sense of community and the holiday spirit.  


When I arrived at the Peabody, I was immediately surrounded by hundreds of excited people awaiting the tree lighting. Everyone was filled with holiday spirit while the children’s choir sang Christmas carols. The famous Peabody ducks were led to the roof and that is when the fun began. A countdown began and moments later the entire room was lit up. As the room erupted with cheers many people stuck around to enjoy such a fun atmosphere. This was Chloe Browns first year attending and she said “I will definitely come next year I didn’t realize how fun it was.”People stayed for hours after the tree was lit. The historic Peabody Tree Lighting truly does commemorate the Christmas holiday with such a fun filled event.