Joy Club Takes on the Special Olympics

Kate Latkovic shares a smile with a special Olympian during their lunch break at the Special Olympics event at Hutchison School.


January 25, 2020 Hutchison Joy Club hosted the Special Olympics in the Goodlett Gym. This event included several activities such as volleyball, basketball, obstacle courses, and karaoke. Throughout the event volunteers would rotate through each activity and meet lots of special Olympians. The gym was filled with constant laughter and joy. Very quickly into the event Olympians and volunteers began to kindle relationships that will leave an imprint on everyone’s lives. People came up with all kinds of games and everyone had the chance to be themselves. Alexandra Howser who attended the event said, “this was such a fun relaxed event that made me feel so good when I left.” During lunch the athletes and volunteers all sat together and shared stories and lots of laughs. Having the opportunity to come to Hutchison is beneficial for the athletes, however the student volunteers are the ones who see the most change in their lives. These athletes teach us what it means to be filled with joy and happiness. The kids and adults at the event all came together as one to have a truly amazing time. Joy Club will be putting on this event again in the Spring. When starting this club I never expected to have overwhelming support from the Hutchison community and organizations around Memphis. None of this would possible with all of the volunteers and administrators who helped bring everything together. The Special Olympics is a powerful organization that deserves endless support. Creating clubs and events surrounded around their organization helps them continue their amazing life changing work. Everyone in Joy Club who came out and made this event possible helps Joy Club possible.  The entire purpose of creating Joy Club was to fill every person who participate with joy. I believe after everyone left the gym that day they all had a feeling of joy.