Distance Learning



This is an image many students are seeing when the popular site Haiku crashes

As COVID- 19 continues to shut down restaurants, stores and schools Hutchison is no exception. As we as a society navigate through these new weird times it seems that distance learning is becoming the new normal. Everyday to try to attain some normalcy Hutchison students login to their computers and use a variety of methods to try to simulate a normal day at school.

Many classes are choosing to all video chat together. They are using things such as FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Meets. This gives students the opportunity to connect with their teachers as well as their other classmates. Other teachers are choosing to post the assignments online and students complete them during the scheduled class time. Millions of students across the country have switched to distance learning which is leading to many delays. As we all try to navigate this new time, setbacks are to be expected.

The technology department at Hutchison is doing their best to make everything as easy as possible. The Hutchison community is lucky to have the proper resources to conduct online learning however, many schools do not have this luxury. Many public schools do not have the technology capabilities to support distance learning for every student. This is going to put many students at an extreme disadvantage in their learning process. Through these times I think it is best for every student to remember we can take this one day at a time. We are working with the resources available and are trying our best.

Every school is working tirelessly to make sure students are still receiving the best education as possible. Hopefully in the fall of 2020 schools will be able to return to classroom oriented education. It is schools main priories to ensure student and staff safety. In the event school can not resume in the fall online education will have to be reconsidered. Education is going to look very different in the coming months, and everyone is going to have to learn to adjust.