Hutchison Goes 100%



Socially distanced seniors welcome students into Labry Hall

After three months of a hybrid learning model and the upper school going fully remote for two weeks, Hutchison has made the decision to return to school at 100 percent capacity. A school wide survey was sent out by Head of Upper School Adrienne Forgette to understand how comfortable everyone would feel about returning to in person school. The survey revealed, “67 percent of the student body says they feel completely comfortable returning to school, 52 percent of the parents also feel comfortable sending their children back.” However, only, “19 percent of the faculty said they are completely comfortable returning to 100 percent in person.” The plan to reopen consists of a staging process. The entire senior class returned to school Monday, October 26th. 

A special celebration was planned for Monday, October 26th to welcome back the senior class. This celebration consisted of a senior celebration in the parking lot, and a special grilled cheese lunch prepared by chef Willie. An email sent out to the school by Mrs. Forgette explained how, “The senior class now has a new privilege, which no longer requires them to take winter exams.” The seniors transition back to school at 100% capacity will be closely monitored, to ensure safety for everyone. 

Once the seniors have completely transitioned back to school, the following week, 9th-11th grades will begin the process of transitioning back. To follow the rules of the local health department and CDC, students will still maintain six feet of distance. To follow CDC guidelines, class sizes will be limited to 15 people. If classes exceed this limit, girls may be asked to attend class remotely from another part of the campus. 

While preparing a plan to fully open Hutchison to 100% capacity, the school had to investigate every outbreak that occurred. These investigations revealed that all positive COVID-19 cases were a result of off campus events. This proved that the measures put in place by Hutchison on campus are effective. To ensure that more outbreaks do not continue to occur, all students must remember to abide by the Hutchison Community Agreement that was signed at the beginning of the year. If everyone continues to follow the safety guidelines, then the transition back to should go as planned. The safety of students and faculty is the top priority, as students hope this transition back is permanent.