Dodging Cramped Classrooms

Now that Hutchison Upper School is completely back on campus, the school is challenged with finding socially distanced activities for students to participate in.

 To resolve overcrowding inside the buildings, the school has asked councils, clubs, and teachers to think outside of the box to create fun games for everyone during Y block, which is the school wide free period.

Joy Club recently hosted an activity where students designed holiday cards for the residents at the Baddour Center. Black and Gold team captains hosted a kickball game on the lacrosse field during Y block.

Students also hosted a corn hole tournament, this activity lasted over the span of a few days and many students got involved

Peer Council and Athletic Council joined together to host a dodgeball tournament on the field. The girls who participated said,“it was a fun way to pass time.” Maxine Engel, the president of the Athletics Council “hopes more people will sign up for their future activities.”

Every council and club is working hard to create exciting events that students will want to participate in. With the capacity and social distancing rules Hutchison has in place, the majority of these activities take place outside.

Although seniors are allowed to leave during the Y block periods, this still leaves underclassmen on campus. During normal times students would be allowed to go anywhere on

campus to spend their free time. Social distancing guidelines have significantly decreased the spaces that are open to students. These events have seen a positive student turn out.

While these events have been very successful, there are many more planned for the future. The first Food for Thought will take place on November 20th in Sanders. Hutchison alumni Lillie Flenorl, a senior communication specialist at Fedex. Student Life is also hosting a capture the flag game on November 20th, and the winning teams receive prizes.

The school hopes that these exciting events allow girls to have something positive to look forward to.