All Eyes On Earth


Emma Couch '23

GSL 8th graders launched their homemade hot air balloon into the ski

As humans continue to make revolutionary advancements and discoveries, it continues to greatly harm our planet. In the months of April and May many countries recognize Earth Day and Air and Space Day. These are holidays devoted to educating the public about clean living and how important the Earth is, while also celebrating our revolutionary discoveries. 


April 22, 1970 marks the anniversary of the first ever Earth Day. Earth Day is dedicated to calling attention to the modern environmental movement. Prior to this movement, Americans were poaching the world with harmful gasses and pollution. The environmental movement was aimed at informing Americans of their harmful practices during the 1900’sthat had an adverse effect on the planet. Now, Earth Day focuses on the pressing topic of climate change. The Earth Day organization “works in countries around the world to drive meaningful action for our planet.” Although Earth Day highlights harmful practices that are currently affecting our planet, it also inspires many people to educate themselves on clean living. 


Air and Space is Day devoted to celebrating the world’s immense advancements made within space exploration, while also educating people on our universe. Air and Space Day is currently hosted by the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. However, many countries and institutions across the United States have their own Air and Space Day traditions.


Grace-St. Luke’s School celebrates Air and Space Day in a unique way at Overton Park in Memphis Tennessee, and they incorporate the day into their scientific education. Each grade is given a different activity, and they are responsible for conducting experiments based on their activity. Grace-St. Luke’s 8th grade class is responsible for constructing their very own hot air balloons. On Air and Space Day,they are taken to the park and released into the air. The students perform calculations and document their observations as a part of a large experiment. 


While it is important to celebrate the scientific advancements our community has made, it is also important to remember that with every advancement we are harming our planet and environment. Each year Earth day and Air and Space Day organizations educate people on the adverse effect climate change has on our planet. Although these celebrations only occur yearly, students are urged to continue to educate themselves on the topic year- round. The Earth Day and Air and Space Day organizations are so adamant about educating the youth because the world will soon be in their hands.