Friday Night Lights


Emma Couch '23

CBHS students cheer on the brothers in the student section.

This year, Friday night football games and fans are back to cheer on the boys. Last year, because of Covid-19, the stands were empty. This year, fans are piling back in the stands. Because of Covid-19, the last football seasons for many schools were non-existent. Although some schools did have a season, they did not have fans, which was not the same. 9th graders Lila Murphey and Macie Carr are students that attended the CBHS game last Friday.

There are usually football games every Friday night whether it is MUS or CBHS.“I usually go to football games every Friday night. It was so exciting to finally be able to go back to football games like we used to.” Lila was so excited to be back and able to cheer. Lila was not the only one excited to be back, there were many fans there that night cheering on the brothers. “I saw lots of people that I hadn’t seen in a long time since I switched schools so I was excited to see everyone.” Macie said.

Many people are always out at games. “There are usually a lot of people but sometimes it depends. MUS games or CBHS.” The MUS v CBHS rivalry has been going on for a long time. Many Hutchison girls are either big MUS or CBHS fans. “There were lots of people in the student sections but some people did go to the MUS away game. MUS played Germantown at Germantown. There were lots of people that chose to go. There were lots of people there and it was really sweaty,” said Lila Murphey. The crowd at the CBHS game was huge and filled the student section. There are yell leaders and boys who hold up cheers for people to say. 

The students are always dressed in theme so it is clear where students are.“ There are always so many people at games. Whenever I walk into the football stadium I can always tell where to go” Macie said. The CBHS student section compared to the other school’s section was very different because CBHS is a big and popular school that many people know about.

Lots of Hutchison girls attended both MUS and CBHS. More girls came to the CBHS game since it was home. Hutchison girls like Lila Murphey and Macie Carr were very excited to be back out on the stands. The win for the Brothers was a great start to the season. Not only are the boys excited to be cheered on, but also the Hutchison girls are excited to be cheering on. Christian Brothers High School beat Sheffield 59-0.