Sting Fling

After two years, the long awaited Sting Fling is finally here. Because of Covid-19 in the past years, the entire upper school could not gather together to have the students’ favorite dance. During Covid-19, each grade hosted their own “Sting Fling” that wasn’t sponsored by Hutchison, so this year was the first real sting fling for every grade except the seniors.

Girls were so excited, many of them prepared months in advance. Dresses and shoes were ordered in January. Audrey Simmons shared that “I began ordering dresses in January to make sure I had time to know which one I wanted for sure.” Girls wanted to be prepared early, so that they would not be stressed as the dance came closer. Not only were dresses the only way to prepare, but another thing girls did was get their nails done, hair done, facials, and any other cosmetic preparations.

Not only were just the girls preparing for Sting Fling, but the entire Student Life Council was dedicated to putting the entire dance together. Student Life begins preparing for Sting Fling early in the school year and announces the theme around January. This year the theme was Enchanted Engagement. The Student Life Council decorated the entire venue before the dance and took it down after. They organized a live band, a photographer, and created posters to put up all around the school to get the girls excited.

Each grade took pictures at a different country club before, and many groups had a party bus that took them to the Cadre. The dance was from eight to eleven and the hours were filled with singing and dancing. This dance is many girls favorite part of the year and they can not wait til it comes around the next year.