Holiday Gift Guide

There are lots of cute gifts at the Hutchison Buzz Shop!

The holidays are coming up, which means one of the most stressful times is near. It can be a struggle to find the right gift for someone and difficult if you do not even know which store to shop at. Luckily, the Hutchison Buzz Shop has the perfect gifts for anyone. This gift guide will help solve all your holiday shopping needs.


There are plenty of gifts for moms in the store. Bess Bartusch, Buzz Shop manager, says, “We have a lot of great Christmas gifts this year. Some popular gifts are jewelry, Christmas décor, and women’s apparel.” Some décor includes picture frames, ornaments, and candles. They also have some Christmas snacks.



While the Buzz Shop mainly sells items for young girls and women, there is a section that has many gifts for dads. There are belts and baseball caps that have colleges on them. Some clothing items they have are ties, wallets, and socks. There are also some grilling utensils along with cutting boards.



Something teenagers struggle with is finding the perfect gift for friends, whether it is their birthday or for Christmas. There are many gifts for friends. Some popular gifts are bath bombs, jewelry, face masks, and scrunchies. Buy a couple simple gifts and give them to friends together for perfect Christmas gifts.



According to Bartusch, “The Buzz Shop has a kid’s section which is a very popular spot to buy gifts”. This section is more used for younger kids, and has backpacks, stuffed animals, fuzzy socks, nail polish, and more.