Both Mattingly (22) and Hollabough (22) share their on-stage talents with the rest of the school.
New Year, New Presidents
Lacy Williams '23, Staff Writer • October 15, 2021

Make way for the vast changes coming to Hutchison’s artistic community from the newest arts council presidents, Camille Mattingly and Lillie...

Ap Art
Ap Art
Sadie Rosenblum '25, Staff Writer • October 11, 2021

AP Art takes on a new meaning for the juniors this year, understanding that art can represent their emotions and feelings through their pieces....

Beehive Youre My Baby: A Review On Beehive
Beehive You're My Baby: A Review On Beehive
Aimen Kazmi '22 April 19, 2021

Don’t you want to dance, don’t you want to dance? Well, why not rock and sing along to Beehive, the latest production from the Hutchison...

Heart and Soul Talent Show 2021
Heart and Soul Talent Show 2021
Estelle Turner '23 March 15, 2021

As February comes and goes, so does the Heart and Soul Talent Show here at Hutchison. Each year, girls in Middle School and Upper School have...

Hutchison has applied for a chapter in the National Honors Society Dance Arts.
National Honors Society Dance Arts
Estelle Turner '23 October 28, 2020

Dance has always been an after school opportunity for girls at Hutchison. It is a great activity for anyone who loves the arts. With COVID, dance...

This is the unique design for the Hutchison 2019-2020 yearbook.
The Story Behind the Yearbook
Aimen Kazmi '22 October 28, 2020

The yearbook is a collection of various unforgettable moments from the previous year. If you were to open up a Hutchison School yearbook, the...

No Singing Aloud
No Singing Aloud
Estelle Turner '23 October 2, 2020

COVID-19 has affected many things over the past year. It’s changed sports, school, art, etc. Along with the arts comes choir. Choir has always...

Due to COVID-19, the theater stays empty.
Arts Without an Audience
Estelle Turner '23 September 23, 2020

With COVID-19, putting on a school play seems impossible. Luckily, Hutchison has figured out a way for students to have a theater experience...

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