Hutchison seniors (left to right) Blair Mellone, Adela Calzada, Kate Anderson, and Shifa Qureshi attending YIG at the Tennessee State Capital.
Senior Year Just Do it
Kate Anderson '24, Co- Signpost Editor • April 18, 2024

Embarking on the journey ahead, I, Kate Anderson, reflect on my outlook. It’s a jungle of opportunities, questions, beliefs, and interpretations...

Graffiti in Memphis
Graffiti in Memphis
Elizabeth Soefker '24, Staff • December 1, 2023

Is Graffiti an act of vandalism or art? Graffiti goes back to thousands of years ago in ancient times when writings appeared on the walls of...

What’s Going on in the Animation Industry?
What’s Going on in the Animation Industry?
Alex Beard '23, Editor • April 5, 2023

Tv shows get canceled, it’s how most shows end. However there has been a frightening amount of animated shows getting canceled lately and not...

Hutchison students helping out at the Dixon.
Hutchison Takes on the Dixon
Lauren Coleman '24, Staff Writer • January 10, 2022

As many people know, COVID got in the way of many important events and activities such as dances, school, and extra curriculars. One area of...

The Addams family poster
Addams Family
Lucy Hettinger '22, Managing Editor • January 10, 2022

Enthusiasm fills the theater as people get ready for Addams Family auditions. The two day process involves singing, dancing, and cold reads from...

Ayrah is both a member of the As You Like It cast, and vocal point.
Student Spotlight: Ayrah Kashmiri
Lauren Coleman '24 November 2, 2021

By now everyone has heard of the upcoming production of As You Like It and the musical stylings of the vocal point choir. Both give those who...

The D-notes choir students singing their hearts out at their recital
Little Voices
Natalie Alexander '25, Staff Writer • October 25, 2021

The Early Childhood Choir recently gained a new teacher, Rachel Randall. The Early Childhood choir is much more than just a group of singing...

The Hutchison Arts Council dedicated their Saturday to cleaning out the Weiner Theatre.
Council Cleanout
Corinne Rhodes '24, Staff Writer • October 21, 2021

Being a part of Hutchison’s Tech Council may not be the flashiest job, but they are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the theater department....

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