Student Spotlight: Ayrah Kashmiri


Lauren Coleman

Ayrah is both a member of the As You Like It cast, and vocal point.

By now everyone has heard of the upcoming production of As You Like It and the musical stylings of the vocal point choir. Both give those who are participating a chance to bond with others while getting a chance to perform their artistic talents. This spotlight will be focused on Ayrah Kashmiri, who is currently a member of both, while also informing readers about the importance of extracurriculars.

Ayrah was recently cast in As You Like It, and decided to join vocal point this year. While this sounds like a lot to handle while coupled with school and other activities, she gives a little insight as to what inspired her to take part in both of these opportunities. 

The reason I decided to join vocal point and the play was so I could have a creative outlet, be able to express myself, and have something school related to look forward to instead of going crazy over my grades” said Kashmiri. Ayrah really shows that school can be more than tests and quizzes. Like she says, they can almost be like an escape from the madness that is school. She shows how important it can be to have extracurriculars and how it doesn’t have to feel like a burdening obligation.

“It depends. For vocal point if I get a song for the first time or if a song is in another language maybe 30 minutes/as needed. And for the play I’d say roughly 15 minutes on the weekends,” said Kashmiri. This was how Kashmiri responded when asked about time spent on both the play and vocal point. For her it isn’t something that takes over her life, and she still gets the benefits of both. 

Now when it comes to activities it is inevitable that there will be favorites. So of course there has to be a preference. Vocal point or As You Like It?

“I would say I enjoy Vocal Point more because I am constantly learning new songs and it sounds really amazing when we get good at a song and sing together,” said Kashmiri. Everyone knows how amazing vocal point is and word is they may even be incorporating some Olivia Rodrigo to their song list, which sounds amazing. 

Because of her participation in both vocal point and the fall play Ayrah has proven that trying new things can be rewarding and fun. Hopefully now everyone will be so excited to go to these events and keep an eye out for Ayrah. 

“It’s so fun and a really amazing experience. I will be auditioning for the spring musical as well!” said Kashmiri.