Council Cleanout


Annemarie Caskey

The Hutchison Arts Council dedicated their Saturday to cleaning out the Weiner Theatre.

Being a part of Hutchison’s Tech Council may not be the flashiest job, but they are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the theater department. Without their hard work, the Hutchison plays we know and love would not exist. It is because of our upcoming plays which are Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Junie B, Jones Jr. The Musical that the Tech Council have taken upon themselves to clean out the theater.

Cleaning out the theater is no easy task, but Henry Hampton supervised the makeover. Here at Hutchison, Mr. Hampton is the tech director for the theater department which entails jobs like designing and building sets, controlling lights, and handling the technical aspects of events.

According to Mr. Hampton, different areas of the theater “have gotten overpacked over the last couple of years.” It is the job of the Tech Council and theater staff to sort through materials in these areas that have gotten cluttered. They do this in order to prepare space for upcoming plays and to ensure that they are following fire codes that dictate how many flammable items they are allowed in one room. It will take several weeks to finish this task, so Tech Council members will have a busy month!

There is no need to be a member of the tech council in order to lend a hand. The answer to that question would be no! Mr Hampton says that he “will take anybody and everybody who wants to help out.” Believe it or not, but these cleanouts can actually be fun! Mr. Hampton says that he provides pizza and when the girls are not working, they sometimes help each other on their homework.

Oftentimes, students don’t hear about the Tech Council and many don’t even know what they do. However, the tech council is a vital part of the Arts department at Hutchison and provides students the hands-on opportunity to learn about the behind the scenes of theater.