Tech Talk


Jesse Cresswell talks with the technology council about the interworkings of the IT department at Hutchison school.

Technology week is when the technology council appreciates all the work that the Technology Department does for the students here at Hutchison school. The technology council is in charge of doing convocations, plays, and pretty much anything that goes on in the theater.  “They run any lights, sounds, projections and microphones.” Says Elizabeth Austin ’20. The tech council also works backstage with the musicals and plays.

Tech does a lot for Hutchison, and most students are unaware of the many opportunities available to get involved. “There are lots of different roles in tech,” says Austin, “there is lighting design, fall response, readjusting lights and going up in the cat walks, sound design and blending, and microphones.” Tech plans everything before hand and they gather students to help with stage productions. There are hundreds of ques per show that tech needs to follow in order to get everything right. Austin elaborates, “There is someone on headsets talking to the girls working backstage and the girls working in the light and sound booth who will call the show and give everyone their ques.” The technology council is usually working their magic behind the scenes, but the show couldn’t go on without them.