How Streaming Services are Coming to the Rescue


Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus, people are confined in their homes all day, which can make their day very boring . Thankfully, our favorite streaming services have come to the rescue with new updates and content that will amp up our days at home.

Recently, Netflix has updated its layout providing watchers with better suggestions on what to watch. In February 2020, Netflix started “Top 10” which shows viewers the top 10 shows or movies at that time (Forbes). The list is not limited to any specific genre, for example, a comedy special and a science fiction show can be on the list at the same time. Along with its layout, Netflix has released new content. New Netflix originals can now be streamed along with new seasons of everyone’s favorite shows. Netflix has also introduced a whole new way of watching, through a platform called “Netflix Party”. The platform allows multiple people to watch at the same time while also conversing. For example, while a show is streaming, a person could type in the chat box and all the people in the “party” would be able to see and reply to the chat. The chatroom is customizable, allowing you to create a nickname and change your icon. Netflix Party describes the platform as, “a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online.” Unfortunately, Netflix Party is only accessible on a laptop or computer as of this moment.

Along with Netflix, Disney- owned services Hulu, Disney+ have also released new content. As of right now, Hulu has already released 56 new shows and movies, including the much anticipated, original Little Fires Everywhere. Hulu is set to release 5 more pictures before the end of the month. Disney+ added the Academy Award winning film Frozen II  on March 14 as a pleasant surprise to viewers to bring “some fun and joy during this challenging period.” That is not the only early release from Disney. On April 3rd, the movie Onward  will be on Disney+. Onward  was released to theaters on March 6, giving it approximately a month in theaters before it can be streamed on Disney+. Much like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video has already released 44 new pictures and is set to release 2 more before the end of the year.

So, when you are at home, browse your favorite streaming service and watch some of the new releases. It is true that all these services are more or less competitors, but together they can remedy the horrible plague of boredom and loneliness.