Which Disney Channel Original Movie should you watch based on your quarantine habits?


With excess amount of time on our hands and anxious driven news updates, I think it’s time for us to revisit some of our favorite Disney Channel Movies that take us back to our best childhood memories. Take this quiz to see which movie you should spend your time watching.

  1. What do you wear on a typical day of quarantine?
    1. My pajamas.
    2. My largest and comfiest sweatshirt.
    3. Just simple leggings and a t shirt.
    4. Bathing suit. I plan on tanning outside.
  2. What is your go to quarantine snack?
    1. Any kind of fruit. I am trying to stay healthy.
    2. Either popcorn or a bag of chips.
    3. I try to mix it up. Sometimes, I’ll cook for myself.
    4. Oreos!!!
  3. What activity do you do to waste time?
    1. FaceTime all of my friends
    2. Watch the news with my family to stay updated
    3. Literally anything other than sit down. I have to be distracted.
    4. Just spend time relaxing in my bed
  4. How often are you showering?
    1. Once every two or three days
    2. Once every week 
    3. At least twice a day
    4. I have yet to shower
  5. Are you being active at all?
    1. A little bit. I will go on a walk here or there, but not everyday.
    2. No. I went but my parents won’t let me do much other than that.
    3. Yes! I try to work out frequently!
    4. I have literally stayed in bed all of quarantine 
  6. What Netflix show will you binge next?
    1. Probably something I’ve already watched.
    2. I Am Not Okay with This.
    3. A new stand-up special 
    4. Love is Blind
  7. What is your favorite online class?
    1. Whichever ones I get to Google Meet and see my classmates in.
    2. I hate online classes. I literally just want to be back in school.
    3. Any of them. I’m just happy for the distraction.
    4. Probably English if I remember to set my alarm and wake up for it.
  8. What app do you waste the most time on?
    1. Instagram
    2. TikTok
    3. YouTube 
    4. Snapchat



Mostly 1s: High School Musical or The Hannah Montana Movie.  

  • Your biggest issue with this quarantine is just missing everyone and everything. You’re trying to stay positive, but it’s been hard. You’ll need a movie that’s familiar and comforting to you, so these two classics are always a good go to. 

Mostly 2s: Lemonade Mouth, Radio Rebel, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, or Descendants.

  • You’re over quarantine. This situation sucks, and you hate it with all of your being. You are literally ready to rebel. These disney classics will allow you to rage in a calm and acceptable way while also giving you time to think about how you want to make an epic comeback once released from coronacation. 

Mostly 3s: Camp Rock, Jump In, or The Cheetah Girls.

  • You’re just trying to keep yourself as occupied as possible. You’re looking for new hobbies. Maybe you finally picked up that old guitar that’s never actually seen the light of day. Maybe you’ve dug into that list of recipes you’ve been bookmarking for so long. No matter what, I can guarantee you that these films will give you the distraction you crave.

Mostly 4s: Teen Beach Movie, Starstruck, or The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

  • You are taking this time to lay back and relax. No school? No problem! It’s been a minute since you’ve had time to yourself, and you are soaking it up. You’ve definitely already left your house to quarantine at the beach.