Entertainment During Quarantine


Because of COVID-19 and distant learning, I have a lot more time on my hands, and I am getting bored. If you are too, here is a curated list of activities to do during the quarantine:

  1. Complete a jigsaw puzzle. If you run out of puzzles, trade puzzles with a friend via porch pickup.
  2. Paint or draw something. Google “random drawing idea generator” for some gifs with lots of creative ideas. Here’s an example: https://auditydraws.com/pages/audity-random-drawing-generator
  3. Make a Tiktok.
  4. Go on another walk, but find a new route.
  5. Do a coloring page, or draw your own and trade with a friend.
  6. Try on all your clothes in your closet and put together funny outfits. Make a pile of clothes you no longer wear, and donate them when quarantine is over.
  7. Make a T-shirt blanket. Here’s how: https://www.instructables.com/id/T-shirt-Quilts/
  8. Clean and organize your room.
  9. Play frisbee.
  10. Find crossword puzzles and Sudoku online.
  11. Read a book. If you can’t find a book, listen to an audiobook. There are lots of options on YouTube and Audible.
  12. Listen to a podcast.
  13. Start a new Netflix show.
  14. Put your legs in the sleeves of a hoodie and dance. Like this guy: https://youtu.be/zNsdI9-QZPQ
  15. Make fluffy coffee. Here’s a recipe: https://iamafoodblog.com/how-to-make-fluffy-frothy-whipped-coffee-tips-and-tricks-for-making-dalgona-coffee/
  16. Play basketball, horse, and knockout in your driveway.
  17. Play with your dog.
  18. Send me pictures of your dog.
  19. Watch the TV Show, Chopped, and then try to recreate in your own kitchen. Assign your family members various roles (chefs, judges, Ted Allen, etc.).
  20. Learn to play the instrument that has been sitting in your closet for a while.
  21. Put on a nice outfit for no reason.
  22. Do yoga. There are lots of videos on YouTube and various studios offering online classes.
  23. Plan out fun birthday present ideas for your friends ahead of time.
  24. Find a pen pal and send some snail mail. Put in some effort to make the letters thoughtful and cute.
  25. Ride a bicycle.
  26. Try a new fruit.
  27. Do your makeup for no reason. Try to be creative or follow a tutorial.
  28. Drag out your old Legos and build something.
  29. Start a bullet journal.
  30. Vlog your quarantine.
  31. Make a collage or scrapbook.
  32. Go swimming if you have a pool and the weather is nice.
  33. Have a picnic in your backyard, or even camp out one night.
  34. Tie dye something. Anything, really.
  35. Come up with a new hairstyle.
  36. Lay out a bunch of blankets and roll yourself into a giant blanket burrito.
  37. Play Wii or any old video games you have. Challenge your family to a tournament.
  38. Make your own version of March Madness but with something else (pizza toppings, cartoon network shows, etc.). Have people make a bracket.
  39. Support a local restaurant by ordering takeout or delivery if you can.
  40. Look through your Early Childhood and Lower School schoolwork and yearbooks.
  41. Write an article for Signpost.
  42. Write a poem and submit it to Emblem.
  43. Flip through old photo albums and recreate old family photos.
  44. Offer to bring your grandparents groceries if you are able.
  45. Design a clothing line for fashion week.
  46. Recreate old vines.
  47. FaceTime your friends.
  48. Download Duolingo and try to learn a new language.
  49. Watch a documentary.
  50. Learn origami and make as many paper cranes as possible. Make tiny ones and hide them around the house until someone notices.