Change in Plans


Hutchison has implemented a new schedule for their Distance Learning program. The new schedule still alternates between Days 1 and 2 with 45-minute class periods, however on” Y-block Wednesday’s,” there will be an Upper School wide convocation and 3 Y-blocks in lieu of classes.

The schedule change has proved to be quite helpful for all parties involved. Lacy Williams ‘23 says, “The new schedule makes it easier to catch up on all the work since classes are even (2 days a week) and we have ample time to meet with teachers.” In general, students are in favor of the late start of the school day and the amount of work they are assigned. Riley Coopwood ‘23 states, ”I like it because the later start allows me more time to get prepared for the day. I like the class lengths because they’re not too long, but still long enough to learn things.”

There are many opinions about the new schedule and in general all of them are very positive. Upper School Math teacher, Mrs. Janae Rayford says, “I am pleased with our Distance Learning Schedule. The new schedule with Wednesday Convocation and Y-blocks for club meetings and activities allows us to maintain a sense of community. It creates a sense of normalcy which is extremely important during this time of uncertainty. As a teacher, our schedule allows the flexibility to meet with individual students, provide support, and teach lessons and/or upload screencasts without overwhelming my students with material. It has been challenging for schools to figure out how to navigate this new way of learning and the effects of being at home, but I feel that we have done it.”

In addition to remedying some feelings of sadness and loss of hope for the students, it has brought ease to parents knowing that their child is able to take one day off and focus on themselves. “As a parent of a Hutchison student, I can say that our daughter’s physical, emotional, and social well-being has been carefully addressed in her schedule and activities. Our new schedule allows for us to continue to maintain our school identity and community, which is truly remarkable” says Rayford. It is not only students that need some time to regroup and sort things out, the teachers also benefit from extra time to think about new lessons, problem solve, and keep up with grading. Upper School History teacher, Deborah Brown says, “I think the new schedule gives students and teachers room to grow, but also breathe. 45- minute classes, twice a week, and an open day for rest, regrouping or enrichment activities like club meetings? Love it. Thoughtfully balanced. Plus, more open time on Wednesdays means I can work on my TikToks!” The increased time on Wednesday’s allows girls to learn new things, spend time with family, and exercise more. Kendyl Brown ‘23 says, “I actually have more free time to play my guitar and read than I ever did at school.”

Hutchison Administration has done an excellent job in listening to both students and parents and providing a solution to their concerns. Distance Learning is new to everyone, and it is very important to stay together during this challenging time.