COVID-19 Hot Spots in the United States


Photo by New York Times.

As of last week, the United States is the country that has the most confirmed cases of the coronavirus. There are over 200,000 that have been confirmed with thousands of dead. The virus spreads quickly overnight, with hundreds of new cases the next day. Here are some of the hot spots in the United States, and what is going on in these cities. According to the Scientific American, some of the places with the most cases are New York City, Seattle, New Orleans, and Chicago.

New York City:

In New York City, the streets are bear with no tourists. The New York Times contends that New York city is where the outbreak is growing the most. There are many panicked doctors with limited supplies.


According to The Seattle Times, the city has peaked with the amount of deaths from the virus with up to 18 a day. It is recommended that citizens should where face masks when going outside. They are taking as many precautions as possible and are trying very hard to slow the virus down.

New Orleans:

New Orleans is continuing to social distance and has told people to stay home from work. Everyone must stay home unless they need supplies. According to Nola Ready, there are limited vehicles that can drive on certain roads throughout the city. Lowes has donated supplies for doctors.


The state of Illinois by itself has over 12,000 cases with hundreds dead. The Chicago Tribune shares that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is going to help lots of people to buy food during this difficult time.