Keep Your Distance



Follow directions-by looking at the diagram, it is obvious that viewers should take this time to stay away from each other to prevent the spread of Covid-19

The coronavirus has forced many events to end early or cancel, and citizens all over the world are urged to stay away from large groups until the pandemic settles down. Studies from federal and local officials have stated that the self-isolation does work, and the same reports have shown that the earlier districts enforce the rule, the less the virus spreads through that area. Given all of that information, why is social distancing still such an issue?

Some citizens have seemed to ignore the rules of social distancing. To a lot of people, this is the first time such a large pandemic has risen so close around them, and they do not quite understand the impacts of it. In their mind, if they’re not infectedhen they are okay. This type of thinking can become dangerous very quickly. Local news reports have shown dozens of large gatherings in public parks that go directly against the social distancing rules. Citizens have gone out to see friends or just party which is dangerous for them as an individual and those around them.

According to the U.S. News Outlet, the coronavirus is a respiratory virus that spreads from person-to-person contact. The way it spreads is from respiration droplets that form from breathing and spread unconsciously by sneezing, coughing, and just breathing close to another person. Because of this, the virus spreads quickly from one person to another and thrives in large gatherings of people. Even if a single individual is not sick, they could possibly get sick from another individual near them and continue to spread it onward.

Another concern would be those around a sick individual. Many young people have shown that they are not as worried about the virus because health departments including the CDC and WHO have shown that they have a higher chance of survival than older citizens. This is still not a reason to go out. There are still at-risk people everywhere. The most common ones include seniors and people who suffer from asthma. Many at-risk citizens do not look at-risk because it is nearly impossible to tell if someone has a preexisting condition. Being considerate towards others is an important part of making sure this virus gets under control quickly.

Social distancing may seem useless to some people because they are healthy, but there are many aspects for them and those around them. If citizens continue to disobey the rules of social distancing, the government might soon place laws to help everyone stay isolated, and the virus could continue spiraling out of control before it gets better. To avoid this, be sure to just stay at home.