Moving During a Pandemic


Moving is almost never easy but moving during a pandemic makes it a little easier. I found out I would be moving a couple weeks before spring break and I dreaded it. I did not really think about COVID-19 moving to the United States so quickly so I did not think that it would play a big part in our move, but it kind of did.

In the weeks that took place before our move, my dad made my brother and I spent hours packing up the house. I am honestly glad our move took place during quarantine. If I was in school along with extra-curricular activities, I would have not had lots of time to pack up everything. I think my dad was less stressed than he could have been because he did not have to work. Since we are in quarantine, I had endless time to get ready and prepare for the move. However, I still had online school to deal with. School ended at 2:15 everyday but I still had lots of homework to do. I usually would do my homework and then start packing for maybe two hours each night before the move.

The day of the move came, and it was very stressful and tiring. I had to wake up early and finish getting everything together and ready for the movers to put in the moving vans. I did not go to school that day because my dad needed my help. Surprisingly, no one really wore masks or stood six feet apart. While my brother and dad did not seem to care, but I made sure to keep my distance from people. I did not really like the fact that these movers were near my family without taking any precautions, but I could not really stop it. I didn’t really know who these movers had come in contact with and no one was taking caution. It was so weird to me since almost everyone I know won’t let a stranger or even their friends get within six feet of them. Since most stores are closed, we could not find new furniture or other things to put in our new home. We will have to find those things later.

Moving during a pandemic was still very stressful, but not as stressful as it could have been. The past couple weeks have been very tiring, but I am finally glad to be in a new home. Now I can continue to quarantine and wait for this virus to go away.