RBG Inspires Club at Hutchison



This is a picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist icon and former justice on the Supreme Court.

Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg and teaching students about feminism is the goal for this year’s RBG club at Hutchison. Hutchison offers students the ability to join various clubs that interest them. These student run clubs range in topics and are open to all of Upper School. This year, many clubs can not meet like they have in the past or hold events because of COVID regulations. However, RBG club has chosen to make the best of it and continue to work on educating students about feminism and the impact that they have on the world. 

“We work to actively fight for both women and others inside and outside the Hutchison community,” club president, Mischa White, said. White started this club because she saw the opportunity to bring new life to feminism at Hutchison. She was inspired by one of her role models and decided to name it after her. Ruth Bader Ginsburg club, or RBG club, was created at Hutchison in 2018. After the passing of RBG this year, the club hopes to honor her and what she stood for.

“My end goal is that all the members will fully understand what intersectional feminism is,” said White. Intersectional feminism involves all aspects of identity that could be barriers for females. White wants to encourage feminism at Hutchison and in the greater Memphis community.

“We are having to do a lot of virtual events,” said junior and vice president Ava Maxwell. “It is actually a good thing because doing it virtual makes it easy to reach more people and more inclusive,” added White. Although many things have changed about school, RBG club is still going strong. The club chooses to look on the bright side and hope that having everything virtual will encourage more people to join in. It is more accessible to more people, and in turn more inclusive. RBG club is taking on the challenges of COVID to spread advocacy for intersectional feminism in Hutchison and Memphis. “I’m just really excited for this year. We have some pretty good ideas planned,” said Ava Maxwell.