Taking on the Traditions

Photo taken of seniors car paint from Hutchisons smug mug photo library.

Photo taken of senior’s car paint from Hutchison’s smug mug photo library.

Keeping cherished senior traditions has been a goal for this year’s senior class and the Hutchison administration. Senior traditions are an important part of every school year. This year, senior traditions have been even more challenging to plan and execute due to COVID-19. However, most of the well-known traditions have made it on the calendar for this spring. The treasured May Day, mother-daughter luncheon, father-daughter dance, and graduation are going to be celebrated outdoors and with COVID protocols in mind.

May Day has undergone some changes this year. The iconic Lilly Pulitzer dresses are not the only option of dress anymore. Seniors had the ability to choose a solid color dress instead of a Lilly dress, that would still go with the color palate. However, the majority of seniors still wanted to wear traditional Lilly Pulitzer dresses.

 “May Day will be just seniors and parents and will happen on the soccer field,” said Katy Nair. “The girls will be split up in their advisories and each advisory will dance around one of the eight May Day poles.” The girls will learn the choreographed dance with their advisory and perform it on May 6th.

Another special tradition is graduation at Idlewild. The current plan is unknown as Hutchison is still coordinating with Idlewild about this important day. “We have submitted several plans, and we are supposed to hear back this week if they have been approved,” said Nair. Graduation will not include flower girls this year, but seniors will get their pairing after spring break. They will have other activities and opportunities to connect with their flower girls through the end of the year.

“These are time-honored traditions,” said Nair. “We want to capture the spirit of these events and honor the reason for them.” Nair explained that the seniors have witnessed other grades celebrating senior traditions and have formed expectations for their senior year. “The seniors have been very excited, but there is a feeling of loss.”