Virtual Field Trips Live at the Stax


The Coronavirus pandemic has created an abundance of uncertainty surrounding travel, so the Stax Museum created a virtual experience to keep people entertained. Stax museum is hosting virtual experiences for people who are interested in the museum’s exhibits. It is a good way to help educate and entertain people, while staying safe. People can still have the pleasure and enjoyment of these experiences from the comfort of their own homes.

Hosting virtual experiences keeps people educated about the history and arts of the Stax Museum. A Stax Museum representative said, “the Stax Museum is helping fill that gap by offering an educational and entertaining virtual field trip/museum tour that is student-friendly but of interest to the entire family.” This keeps people informed about the history of the many performances and the unforgettable moments that took place in the Stax Museum.

The museum believes by, “blending elements of traditional museum tours, interviews, and live musical performances, this virtual museum experience shares the history of Stax Records and Memphis music through those who lived it and continue to be impacted by its legacy.”

As the pandemic has cost many Americans their jobs, creating a virtual museum experience, means that Stax employees get to keep their jobs. This is a good way to help maintain the museum while also preparing to reopen entirely in the future. Featured tour guides include former Stax Records employees, Stax Music Academy staff and alumni, and a number of popular Memphis musicians. To keep with tradition, Stax is bringing back concerts for the youth. This is an opportunity for the community to join free concerts that would usually cost money for students and schools to go to. “Instead of the Stax Music Academy’s usual live Black History Month Concert, we are presenting an online concert that is free to students, schools, and youth organizations worldwide,” said a Stax Museum representative.

For people who are interested in learning more about the history of music and want to listen to the mix music of Rhythm and Revolution, there is an abundance of old artists mixed with young students R&B classics in Memphis. Various locations around Memphis are having Civil Rights Movements and many other current events through music. The Stax Museum is doing a good job in opening up virtual experiences for people to stay safe and entertained during this Pandemic. Many students can watch and learn from these concerts, and this generation can stay uplifted by these experiences.