Revival of Writing


Lucy Hettinger

Ava Dickson, Emma Couch, Breland Myers, and Genevieve Geno are editors in Signpost and Yearbook.


Buzzing around in the digital media room, the Signpost and Yearbook staff have joined forces this year and are already bringing new life to Hutchison news. Twenty two new girls are taking Digital Media Design this year. This record breaking team is hard at work within the first weeks at school.

“We have already started a huge overhaul of the website. We had planned to redesign because each year we like to align our website with the senior colors,” said Senior and Creative Director Wylly Willmott. The senior color for the class of 2022 is a bright teal and is featured all over the website. “We have made it look similar to our print magazine and have added a video section,” said Willmott.

The Digital Media Design class has found their presence on Instagram. They have over three hundred followers and are growing with every post. “We are really focusing on getting as many clicks as possible and growing our online presence,” said Emma Couch, Website Editor and Hutchison junior. Couch works daily on keeping the Instagram and Signpost website up to date and interesting. Since the merging of the digital media and graphic design yearbook class, students have had new opportunities to work on both the website and the print.

“It’s been really fun to be combined with a larger group and get to connect all areas of design,” said Yearbook editor Breland Myers. The girls are working on writing, editing, layouts, and choosing the theme for the yearbook. Myers said, “It’s so fun to work with all grades.” Through this class, girls from all grade levels in upper school work as a team to produce content.

“We have already produced such good content this year and it’s only August,” added Managing Editor Lucy Hettinger. “I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see all the hard work we did.”