Cooper Young Festival


Sadie Rosenblum '25

Erica Roberts Booth at Cooper Young Festival sells all types of artwork to customers.

The Cooper Young Festival is a great way for Memphians to come together, support small businesses and explore the city’s local artists. The Cooper Young Business Association has hosted the festival for over 30 years. The festival features: musicians, craftsmen, florists, artists, and so much more to listen and shop from.

The festival attracts large crowds who are not only eager to shop, but to experience the energetic atmosphere the festival provides. Erica Roberts, one of the many talented artists, describes the festival as “a party”. The 2020 Cooper Young Festival was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions; therefore, Memphis is excited for the festivals to return this year.

Erica Roberts, an experienced artist, provides insight on how she believes Covid-19 has affected the For artists who have been to hundreds of shows and have a lot of experience, like Erica Roberts. Erica says, “I am not as busy as before, but the people that come are more serious about making the purchase.” She explains that “if people are coming down to shop, despite the risks, they usually come for a purpose.”

For artists or jewelers who are new small businesses or even new to the festival, like Emily Morris, it can be really overwhelming with the large crowds and the funky personality that the Cooper Young Festival has. Emily Morris runs her new small business, Another Story Designs, from Desoto County hand making all of her beautiful jewelry. She started at the beginning of the pandemic which she says, “has been nice because it has given her time to perfect her work before the world opens again and she can sell them.”

Like Emily Morris, a lot of other booths travel to Memphis to come to the Cooper Young Festival. One couple from Arkansas says, “Cooper Young’s a good show, it’s a lotta fun.” It is as simple as that!