Senior Start


Ava Dickson '22

The class of 2022 is celebrating the first day of their senior year at Hutchison.

The senior class kicked off the new school year with a breakfast to celebrate. Camille Mattingly, a Hutchison senior, hosted the back-to-school breakfast at her house. She loved getting to see all of her classmates together in their blue polos. She couldn’t believe that a short twelve years ago she was getting dropped off in the Early Childhood building. She was so excited and grateful that they were able to all get together to celebrate their last first day.

“Everything went well except for the parking situation and having to wake up extra early to get everything ready,” said Camille Mattingly, class of ‘22. The grade is very large (82 girls) making it hard for them to all get together outside of school. The one thing Camille would change about the experience would be the parking. If she were to do it again she would be sure to get everyone to carpool to have a less stressful experience in the morning.

Camille was concerned about a possible spread of COVID, but she did a good job keeping everyone at a safe distance. “We made sure to keep food on separate tables to prevent contamination, and for people to be wearing masks as much as possible,” said Camille Mattingly. Her main concern was making sure everyone was safe and healthy returning to school.

Camille loved being able to have everyone over to celebrate such a memorable morning for the seniors! Camille is very excited to become closer with her classmates. With the spread of COVID starting their sophomore year, this class hasn’t been able to spend much time all together, and she’s looking forward to a somewhat normal school year!

“I would like to thank all of the moms and class officers that helped set up and clean up,” said Camille Mattingly. The special event would not have been possible without everyone’s help. The class of ‘22 would like to thank Camille for hosting the grade and making it so special for them. They were able to celebrate their big day together and prepare for their last first day of high school.

After breakfast, the seniors rushed to the school to bombard the freshman with stickers. The seniors waited four years to be able to celebrate their final year at the hive. They celebrated with a dance party in the atrium after greeting the rest of high school. After the first-day festivities, senior Weetie Whittemore expressed her excitement for the upcoming year by saying, “So far Hutchison has done a good job at making sure we have a normal and fun school year! I’m so excited school is getting back to normal and that everyone gets to be together!”

The past year the girls were separated into different groups and doing school online every other day. This year the school is at full capacity and thrilled to have everyone back!