Ap Art


AP Art takes on a new meaning for the juniors this year, understanding that art can represent their emotions and feelings through their pieces. AP art provides a great atmosphere with Ms. Leake, Hutchison’s art teacher. “The students are great at encouraging each other and are so supportive,” Ms. Leake says.

In this class, the artists choose a topic to focus on for the entire year. Eleventh grader, Kate Wunderlich, is focusing on how music affects the body and the role it plays in peoples lives.

At the end of the year, the AP art students submit their portfolio to the AP Art and Design Submission. Most students strive for a 4 or a 5 from all their hard work during this year; although Kate Wunderlich, along with other students, want to get a good score, they say that they will enjoy the year regardless of the outcome because they are really proud of the work and the effort they put in. Mrs. Leake also believes that “the process of making the art is the most important part of this AP class”.

The class uses social media platforms such as Instagram to showcase their art; follow @hutchison.art.squad and @hucth.ap.art to see what new projects the class is pursuing. The two sections for AP Art have different Instagram’s this year, so parents can focus on their child’s art.

Most other Hutchison organized activities have Instagram or websites to showcase their work, so the AP Art class wanted to create an Instagram account for themselves. Hutchison Arts as a whole created a new Instagram, @hutchisonarts, to spotlight all of Hutchison’s students that are involved in art programs.

Another way that AP Art showcases their pieces is their art show at the end of the year in the theater. The students stand by their art and explain it to the viewers. Kate Wunderlich “recommends taking AP art if you have a chance.” She says, “Ms. Leake only wants her students to succeed, so it is such a positive class to be in!”