A Hundred Years in the Making

The infamous Memphis rivalry has been going on since 1894 when the schools went head to head resulting in an MUS win. More than one hundred years later MUS gained another victory.  Friday October 22, was a big game over at the Mus football fields as long time rivals MUS and CBHS faced off in their annual game at the …. stadium. CBHS chose a whiteout theme while MUS opted for a red, white, and blue theme. What fans thought would be a close game, turned out to be a flop for Christian Brothers. With MUS winning 31 to 9. The MUS fans stormed the field in joy celebrating the big win! This rivalry is the 15th longest running in the nation. The rivalry intensified when Hutchison girls became involved. It is a frequent debate of which school is better between Hutchison girls but most would say MUS takes the win. Hutch senior Izy Moore says, “I definitely cheer for the owls…duh.” Whether you’re an owls girl or a brothers girl everyone can agree that both teams have an outstanding student section. MUS senior student body president, Fred Schaffer says, “…” MUS student body vice president, John Monaghan says, “The Memphis University School student section is a place of energy and school spirit. 31-9. Enough said.” While CBHS may have yell leaders to energize their student section, Fred Schaffer and John Monaghan have made the MUS student section even more exciting this year by bringing in a sound system to get the MUS fans more riled up during the game. Not only does MUS provide great music, but the weekly themes are always a hit. Whether it be pink out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Bonnaroo, or Miami Vice, MUS student body picks the most creative themes in Memphis. The 31 to 9 score gave MUS bragging rights that fans will be hearing about for another hundred years.