Roger’s Scholars


Trey Wilson

Roger’s Scholars go cheer on the Grizzlies for this years theme of being a tourist in your own city.

Desperately trying to get on the jumbotron, a group of Rogers Scholars went to see the Grizzlies preseason game against the Pistons. The group arrived early to watch the pre-game shootaround and speak with one of the Grizzlies sales representatives. They got to ask questions like, “What is it like to be a woman in the sports world?” Also, “What does internal sales mean and how do you get to where you are now?”

They spoke with Lindsay Jones, a group sales manager at Memphis Grizzlies. Jones explained always wanting to work in sports, and how her work in youth sports and summer camp gave her a foundation for her current career. “She focused a lot on being a woman in a male dominated industry and how she was able to work her way up,” said senior Katie Wiener. After the brief discussion, the hungry students made the rounds at the forum for some dinner.

“That was my first time going to rendezvous, and it gave me a taste of Memphis,” said Faith Egedegbe. After eating their twenty dollar chicken tenders and rendezvous BBQ, the girls sat down to watch the game. The Grizzlies played well, beating the Pistons 127 to 92.

Hutchison cheered loud for the Grizzlies, but mostly for Ja Morant, who joined the Grizzlies in 2019. Ja plays point guard and had a total of 24 points, 5 assists, and two rebounds. “We had courtside seats and saw our icon, the legend, Ja Morant,” said senior Faith Egedegbe.

“We were trying so hard to get on the jumbotron but we were defeated every time,” said Maddie Bright. Unsuccessful in their mission, the group of Rogers Scholars left the forum and will have a discussion of the field trip at the next meeting.