A Guide to Winter Fashion: Sweater Weather is Better Together


One clothing item everyone is wearing this season is leather; leather pants, shorts, tops, dresses – you name it. One staple item that you will not regret buying is leather pants, they will and always have been defined as stylish. Leather is easily paired with any color and executes a bold, put-together look. You can find obscene amounts of leather items at Zara, revolve, and more.


Another popular trend people are following as of late are puffer jackets! These can be found on every one because they are so stylish and provide so much warmth! There are so many affordable options of puffer jackets, at Target especially! Margaret Roux, a junior at Hutchison, explains how much she loves her puffer jacket and even bought two of them from Target last year!



Fur is everything right now! People are wearing fur coats, fur rims on their sleeves and sweaters and I love it! Adding a coat with fur trim to your outfit makes it go from plain to show-stopping, it’s such an easy add on to an outfit and such a staple piece! My absolute favorite fur trim coat is from princess polly, it’s so cute I almost want to buy it in both colors!



Finally, this year is all about colors, even though it is winter and people usually dive into more muted tones. Everyone is wearing color this year! Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of keeping my outfit muted and simple, but there is something so fun about a bright pink or green sweater that just speaks to me! I think I am speaking for a lot of Hutchison girls here when I say we all wear a lot of pink! And I love that we continue the sequence of these bright colors throughout the winter, it adds something special and makes winter feel more bright!