Apple- A Short Review of New Releases


It’s fall again, which means, like clockwork, it’s time for new Apple products.


The company, headed by CEO Tim Cook, has released a decently sized amount of the new iPhone 13, after plenty of success regarding the previous models. It returns to a smaller size, being the size of 2013’s 5S. It’s clean, similar to design with other models, yet has little improvements, like the smaller Face ID notch. The 13 mini retails at $699, and the regular 13 at $799, courtesy of the official website.


However for the rest of us who aren’t ready to splurge on another expensive product, iOS 15, the updated software system, is available. Exciting features include a system that plays ambient sounds, like rain or white noise, accessed through settings, as well as a new FaceTime and Safari interface.


Returning to the basis of new electronics from the brand, a new MacBook Pro will soon be released to the market, boasting a heavy battery life and an amazing display. Projected prices include a $1,999 option and a $2,499 option, with hopes that the price tag will reflect the performance.