Spring Dance Concert

Led by Hutchison dance instructor Louisa Koeppel, Upper school girls use their bodies to tell empowering and impactful stories for all to enjoy. On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, four upper school students, along with middle and lower school dancers, put on the annual Spring Dance concert. This year’s focus: journey. The theme was a bit similar to previous years, but it also “expanded on the theme of journeys and finding one’s place in the world and in life; however, it also highlights the idea of how it isn’t about the place you end up, it’s about the journey to get there.”

Hutchison’s after school dance club allows students to bring various stories to life onstage through the form of modern dance as they practice healthy habits and exercise. This year, the dance ensemble consists of Chloe Simpson ‘25, Hannah Gail Flatt ‘23, Zoe Zerwig Ford ‘23, and Betsy Grimes ‘22. Although the group is small, they have been able to capture the entire school’s attention with their captivating storytelling and collaboration with dancers in middle and lower school. The dancers have also fostered a deep friendship throughout their years as members of the ensemble. According to Zoe Ford, there were a ton of admirable parts of the class that kept her coming back, for example, “I found that I would look forward to after school on Wednesdays and Fridays because that means that I could dance with my friends and create something with them”.

Each sector of the dance ensemble traveled through a different story, and the stories were completed with creative costumes, a variety of music, and imaginative acting. The performance was also special because it was the first time everyone could dance together since Covid hit. The dancers take on the role of actors as well since they have to immerse themselves into the music and the story in which it tells. Throughout the Hutchison upper school’s dance history, modern dancing has given these young girls the opportunity to step out of their shells and discuss important topics in a way students do not usually see. Instead of sitting in a classroom, reading an article, or having a debate, students are able to express their opinions, concerns, and knowledge of the world around them through the dance routine. Although Covid did create a setback, the group was able to overcome these barriers and put on a great show.