Youth in Government

Twelve sophomores immersed themselves in the political world by participating in the annual YMCA Youth in Government conference. They all created bills that were possible solutions for current problems in Tennessee, and they were able to educate themselves about the job of a senator or a representative of the House. Some of the girls received awards because of their hard work, and they were able to practice their presentation skills in front of over 600 people.

Students could participate in a variety of events, such as creating a bill, being a lobbyist, being part of the Supreme Court, press, or running for a position like the Governor.

There were a variety of activities for entertainment on Saturday night, there was a dance room, tomfoolery committee, and a quiet room which also served as a homework room. Majority of the Hutchison girls attended the dance, where they were able to take a break from the political world and meet new people.

Although it is quite overlooked the bus ride was an unique experience, the Hutchison students traveled with Memphis University School and were able to socialize and make new friends through this experience.

Participants in the YMCA conference come from all over the state of Tennessee and spend the week collaborating as well as debating over bills. The objective of the conference is for your bill to pass through both the house and the senate.

Sophomores Shifa Qureshi ’24 and Hira Janjua 24 had their bills passed in the Senate and the House with a total of over 80 people. Their bill was about mandating CPR for all teachers. Additionally, Maddie Lee’ 24 and Noorain Gill ’24 were also passed in the House and the Senate, and they also got an award for Outstanding Bill. Their bill pertained to the training of foster parents on taking care of juvenile delinquents.

Molly Prewitt, Hutchison alumni and Upper School teacher, leaders both the Hutchison Youth and Government and Model United Nations groups. Participation is open to all Upper School girls and welcomes any students regardless their knowledge in government affairs. To create your own you must first choose a topic that interests you. It can range from fashion and beauty to travel and the news. Once you have selected a topic, you spend time researching and drafting your bill. Their are no limitations to the topic you choose, which caters to individuals with ranging interests.

Youth in Government is a great experience for students to gain knowledge about the government as well as learn crucial debate skills. As a participant you are taught to think critically and work on your feet. Youth in Government provides a well rounded educational experience for anyone who participates.