What to Binge Over Break

Gossip Girl – This is an absolute classic perfect for Thanksgiving through Christmas. Gossip Girl immerses you into the lives of wealthy Upper East Siders, and the drama that could only come from rich teenagers in New York City.
Schitt’s Creek – This Emmy-Award-winning sitcom is the perfect holiday binge. After getting in trouble with the government, the wealthy, spoiled, and materialistic Rose family loses everything and is forced to move into a small town they bought as a joke. Through six seasons it follows the family’s journey as they come to terms with their situation and learn to survive.
Cruel Summer – This thriller is told over three years in the 90s telling the story of the disappearance of a girl. Jeanette Turner seems to be hiding something that could be related to the girl. This show is filled with deception and deceit; each character isn’t as they seem, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. The show has also been renewed for a second season, so make sure to binge the first before its release.
Hawkeye- In this new action-adventure addition to Marvel, viewers meet Kate Bishop, along with longstanding avenger Hawkeye, as they take on the mafia and a murder mystery
Only Murders in the Building- Three true crime obsessed strangers meet after a death in their exclusive apartment complex. Suspecting murder, Mabel, Charles, and Oliver band together to figure out the killers living among them, while also keeping secrets from each other.