Student Spotlight: Ava Wilson


A universal experience in Hutchison’s Labry Hall is peeking outside a classroom window to find a senior with dark hair on the phone constantly. Who is this mysterious girl that always seems to be working on something new everyday? Her name is Ava Wilson, and she is on the track to becoming a musical sensation. Wilson is 18 years old and has written and produced two singles and a music video that can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes, and Deezer. Having been in the music industry for 5 years she views writing music as a form of expression and therapy as her music revolves around the struggles of her past. Music is a way for Wilson to move past her negative experiences in a positive way.

Early life
Wilson always had a passion for music and had a natural attraction to performing, especially on stage. In 8th grade, Wilson began working with Justin Timberlake’s guitarist, Elliot Ives and fell in love with creating music. She states, “Watching it [writing lyrics and singing] turn into a full-on production is magical.” She currently works with a producer in Los Angeles, California that helps her music career reach new heights with a multitude of opportunities available to her. With a love for the stage, writing, and instruments, Wilson has elevated her career to finally be living her childhood dream.

The inspiration
Wilson has always been inspired by music from artists like Mazzy Star, Suki Waterhouse, Fiona Apple. These artists share the same lyrical aesthetic as most of their songs are catered to fit emotions women feel daily. Providing a sound to match a feeling, especially from female artists, is part of the “magic” that Wilson enjoys creating and listening to. Wilson also views David Bowie as a musical role model, as she feels he inspires her when it comes to what it means to be an artist. Bowie exemplified innovation through music, so with him as Wilson’s role model, she is bound for greatness.

Music Video
Since pursuing music, Wilson has been able to work with producers and musicians from all across the country. Notably she has worked with Dan Pawlovich, drummer for the recently retired band Panic! At the Disco. Wilson doesn’t stop at producing music, as she has also been able to star in a music video for her latest single, “Messed Up Man”. She says, “I’ve always had these visuals that go along with my songs and getting to direct and see these visuals translated into the real world is beyond words.” Wilson is a star in the making as this is just the beginning for her music career.