No Singing Aloud


COVID-19 has affected many things over the past year. It’s changed sports, school, art, etc. Along with the arts comes choir. Choir has always been a fun class for the girls who love to sing. Now with the coronavirus spreading, the choir has to take certain precautions so that no one gets ill. 

There have been many challenges along the way. Leiza Collins, Middle and Upper School Music Teacher, says, “We are trying to make the best of a difficult situation. It is difficult for the singers to hear each other. They feel like soloists all the time because they can’t hear each other.” They have made the best of their situation and have found many new ways to be able to sing. 

Instead of singing inside and getting to make music together, the class now goes outside to sing. They must stand a good distance away from each other, for singing spreads COVID faster than talking. Collins explains, “We do have some ways to make music, we are allowed to hum in the classroom. We are also working on a little more music theory and history than we usually do.” They have also ordered some headset microphones, so that way even though they are far apart, they can all still hear each other. Students will also make recordings of them singing so Collins can help them individually. 

Sadly, the choir is not allowed to have concerts due to the possible spread of the coronavirus. However, they are trying to find new ways to show people the music they have been making in class. It is not safe to sing near one another, so the class is trying to work on a video to show everyone. “We might be able to share it [music] is through an app. I am working on an idea with Ms. Hudman to create a video.” Collins conveys. Hopefully, the choir will soon be able to share what they have been working on with everyone. For now, the class is trying to make the best of a tricky situation, and are doing a great job.