Teens In Politics



Teens in America are able to do more than just vote to get involved in their community. Read below to learn what you can do to get involved.

The 2020 Presidential election is on track to see the highest percentage of voter turnout in the past century, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. This prediction has been made despite, or perhaps because of,  the  COVID-19 pandemic. A new interest in casting a ballot stands true for all ages, as young people are getting more information regarding elections and events through social media platforms. The official United States voting age of eighteen years old leaves a majority of high school students in the United States unable to vote, however, there are ways in which students can still take part in the election process. “Joining an issue based organization is one of the best things you can do if you can’t vote,” said Ronnie Robinson, Advanced Placement American History and Advanced Placement Government teacher at Hutchison school. Hutchison provides students with the opportunity to join a variety of interest-based clubs throughout the year. One of those clubs is one of the best ways to become enlightened towards politics, the Hutchison Government Club. 

The Hutchison Government club is the best place to start when students yearn to get involved in politics, because “Gov Club is an organization that tries to get students civically literate through news.” Says Robinson. Government Club, or “Gov” Club, is a student led organization that allows participants to become educated on current events occurring within the government. Normally held before school in Robinson’s classroom, the club is open to both students and faculty. The Government Club is also constantly encouraging students to get involved in their community politically,  “As a young person, you don’t want to think that being civically engaged is just voting every four years; it’s being involved in your community” said Robinson. Mr. Robinson, along with the other leaders of The Government club, encourage active participation within the club by holding special watch parties and allowing anyone to put forth an opinion to discuss among the group, making “Gov” Club, the go-to spot for politically active students and staff. 

Along with Government Club, there are many ways in which students can get involved in politics easily, especially these days with information available at people’s fingertips, “You can get texts on behalf of a candidate that will send you a message telling you to vote for whoever, but that is another way you can get involved,” Robinson said.  Mr. Robinson believes that it is important for the young people of today to understand that it is always imperative to educate themselves on current governmental events, because young people have the ability to make a difference, even though their votes technically do not count until they reach the legal age of eighteen. Robinson also adds that being impactful among one’s peers and inspiring them to become involved is easier than it sounds, as he states that, “Getting friends involved in local activities is another great way to impact your community,” (Robinson).