Fashion Flashbacks Are Making A Comeback


Kate Anderson '24

Fashion trends will continue to evolve and adapt overtime, but as of right now the past is making a comeback.

As you walk down the street, girls in scrunchies and mom jeans are easy to spot. Is it 2021 or 1982? Nowadays, fashion flashbacks have become very popular in the past year. Over quarantine, many people have developed a new sense of style and grown more confident. They have learned how to express themselves through the clothes and accessories they wear.

Clothes can be more than just items used to cover bodies. Everyone has their own unique style, and styles are constantly changing. As fashion flashbacks become increasingly popular, people are discovering that having clothes that are a blast from the past is a fun way to spice up their wardrobe!

We spoke to sophomore Kate Anderson about how she feels about fashion flashbacks, and if she would be willing to wear them. She expressed that “it is not important to follow trends, but some trends can be interesting.” She also felt that “One has their own style, and should not feel pressured to follow trends.”

However, Kate herself loves to wear fashion flashback clothes and accessories. She said that claw clips are her favorite trend, but said that “fashion flashbacks and accessories are making a comeback.” I agree completely with this statement, fashion flashback clothes are currently trending right now. Girls are seen wearing crystal necklaces, claw clips, bright colors, and plaid skirts.

We also spoke to sophomore Corinne Rhodes who is very fashionable, and loves to follow trends. She expressed that her favorite trend so far are fashion flashbacks.

“Over quarantine, many people have gained confidence and discovered which type of style is suitable for them.” People took interest in wearing bell bottoms, air forces, converse, vintage shirts, and headbands. When I asked Rhodes about her favorite trends to wear she said “chunky earrings and rings.”

Many students at Hutchison can be seen wearing these trends. Trends in general are started by one person, and other people are influenced by it. This can be seen with teenagers, because many feel the need to fit in or wear something because someone else is. Fashion flashbacks are constantly trending, and are worn by students at Hutchison.