Coping with Anxiety During the School Year


The combination of academic, athletic, and family stress has caused numerous questions among students about whether or not Hutchison should implement a mental health day policy, especially in light of the recent events in and around our city. While it may seem beneficial, it likely is not feasible due to the structure of our already broken-up academic year. New upper school counselor, Ms.Hearn, urges students that instead of taking days off to “utilize the built in breaks”, such as long weekends and fall break. 

However, sometimes a long weekend just isn’t enough. Oftentimes students spend their long weekends out of town, whether it be for family or athletic events. So, when that Sunday or Monday night comes around, things are exactly as they were when they left the house and are back in square one as far as catching up and preparing for the week. When asked about strategies to reduce stress and to get back on track, Ms.Hearn suggests “taking a few hours to yourself” to reset and rejuvenate. Upper school student, Sadie Rosenblum, also believes that taking a few hours to take care of yourself can prove to be beneficial. She leads a very busy lifestyle, and she takes “a relaxing ‘spa’ day for a little self care” to reset after an especially stressful week. 

  “Taking care of your mental health even when things are difficult” is the best thing you can do for yourself. Even things as small as taking a bath, walking your dog, doing a puzzle, or coloring in a coloring book are things that you can do to help yourself reset and reduce any anxiety you may have. If doing these things consistently doesn’t yield any improvement, Ms.Hearn urges students to come talk to her to get a plan in place.