Adventures of Adoption


Supported by the community, the Memphis Animal Shelter strives to provide a home for each and every pet. They offer many animals, such as dogs, cats, and even pigs. They regularly post on their social media about needed adoptions and certain pets who are in need of a humble home. They host volunteer events in order to encourage people to consider adopting. Volunteers can take the dogs out on a field trip to give them a day of relaxation and fun. When locals show interest in the dogs they see around the city, that volunteer can give them information about the pet. 

The shelter houses more than one hundred dogs and around fifty cats. They also give citizens an opportunity to foster pets. Their foster program allows the animals and people to get used to being in a home together. In addition, it helps the animals become less timid and more trusting of a new home. 


Over all, the Memphis Animal shelter has a goal to protect, take care of, and find a loving home for all of the pets in need in the city of Memphis. So many animals would love the opportunity to spend the holidays with a new family.