Midnights Mastermind


At the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift dropped a major bombshell on her fans: Midnights, her tenth album, is dropping on October 21st! Swift posted a lengthy introduction to her new album on Instagram saying, “Midnights, the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life, will be out October 21. Meet me at midnight.” Additionally, she wrote “when the clock turns twelve, you’ll meet yourself.” Many fans have pointed out that the release date is Kim Kardashian’s birthday, the ex-wife of Kanye West who infamously stole the stage from Taylor at the 2009 VMAs, who was only 19 at the time. This leads fans to wonder if any of the sleepless nights she mentions involve the Kimye versus Taylor drama that spanned almost ten years, telling Vogue, “A mass public shaming, […] is a very isolating experience”. Not to mention, it has been exactly a decade since Kanye interrupted Taylor, and she wore a similar silver dress.

From fans posting their theories that stemmed from intense internet sleuthing to analyzing Swift’s outfits, Swifties think the album’s vibe is something along the lines of old Hollywood, pop rock, the 70s, and indie rock which is quite different from her last two albums Folklore and Evermore. As for collaborations, The 1975, Selena Gomez, and Lana Del Rey are all currently in the running to be featured artists on the album.
Artists are known to drop hints about their upcoming projects; however, Swift has taken it to a whole new level with Easter eggs dating back to 2018 proving that she has been working on this album for a while.

Videos posted by fans all over YouTube and TikTok have pointed out many Easter eggs hinting at Midnights which includes:

Red (Taylor’s Version) promotion post on Instagram said “m i d n i g h t s” back in May.
In a couple of her most recent music videos, apples have been spotted. And lo and behold what is October 21st? National Apple Day of course!
In her first TikTok post, Taylor captioned it “Let the games begin”, the same caption as her October 21, 2018, Instagram post.
Eagle eye fans spotted her wearing X earrings in a video; X is the Roman numeral for ten
Swift’s online merchandise store put an order limit of ten
The Evermore CD was marked down to $10