Dance Team Update


Dance Team dressed up in their uniforms,

The Hutchison dance team brings a lot of school spirit to home games. Their cheers are energetic and they excite the crowd . They stopped preforming in December, due to a rise in Covid19 cases.

Practice is still a productive way for the dancers to stay in shape and learn knew skills. “Yes, we’re still learning dances for upcoming performances,” Gracie Wilkinson said. “Our coach Jamie is very serious about dance team and wants us to be in our best shape whenever we can go back to dance team and back to preforming,” said Adela Calzada.

Covid19 has halted many activities that are out of the schools control. “One main reason is because of the TSAA, they told us no cheer, not even with masks on.” said Adela. Dance team members hope to be back on the court soon. “Yes! The games are always so fun and I just love cheering on my friends especially because our team is so good this year,” Gracie stated. Adela agrees “we all really do miss it, and we really miss the excitement of it.”