Carmyn’s Journey To Georgia

There are 2 signing Athletes at Hutchison. Our superstar we’ll be interviewing is Carmyn Harrison, a member of the basketball team at Hutchison school. She is currently a senior, and she will be attending Georgia Tech next year.

 The Start

Carmyn balling at the Memphis Grizzles Stadium

Carmyn’s love for basketball started young. “In the third grade I used to go to after school care, and part of it was you finish your homework then go to the gym. I would always go to the gym and we would play 21 with this group of kids from all the other schools,” Carmyn Harrison said. She was inspired to play basketball, so she could be able to attend college. “I knew my mother couldn’t afford it, so I kind of used it as a tool to get a free education,” said Carmyn. She has had to overcome some challenges in her years of basketball. “Goal-orienting and focusing have been challenging,” Carmyn Harrison said.

           The Journey

Game at the Memphis Grizzles Stadium Start

Years in basketball helped her develop as a player. “I think I got a better basketball IQ because I started it so early,” Carmyn said .She doesn’t want to go to the WNBA, but she thinks it’ll be a good opportunity. “Hopefully when I finish college I would have the opportunity to be great, but to be honest WNBA players don’t get paid a lot of money, so if i did have the opportunity to play professionally, i’ll probably wanna play overseas somewhere,” Carmyn stated. She is pre

paring for Georgia Tech by staying Healthy during this pandemic. “I don’t wanna expose my friends or family members, so i’ll probably continue to get tested regularly and wear a face mask of course,” said Harrison.

This is a big moment for Carmyn Harrison and a great opportunity. She is excited to be signed into Georgia Tech and play for their basketball team. With the support of her family, friends, and teammates, she is ready to start this new chapter of  her life.