Student Spotlight: Ella Luter


Tommy Corzine

Ella Luter striking a header to redirect the ball from the goal.

The inaugural Senior Spotlight for the Hutchison 2021-22 school year is Ella Luter. Luter, a starter and a key component of the Hutchison Soccer Team, is always serving her purpose on the field by directing the ball away from the goal. Luters role on the team is vital to the teams’ overall success this season. Her position as defender takes on the whole pressure of the team, which determines whether Hutchison is up on the scoreboard or not. Luter exemplifies a great role model throughout the Hutchison Soccer team and deserves the spotlight. 

We spoke to Luter on her outlook on the overall experience with the team. She states, “I have enjoyed playing soccer ever since church league. Especially as a senior this year, I have been able to bond with my teammates on a different level.” There was a lack of team bonding last year due to Covid, and chances were low to catch teammates grabbing a bite to eat before practices. “ I am glad I have the opportunity to talk to my new and former teammates after school now. Making new friends on the team is definitely one of my favorite things. The new eighth graders on the team are the funniest people I’ve met,” Luter stated. Each year over the course of the summer season, new players are added to the varsity team. The coach, Klint, chooses the most qualified players in order to form his primary team. He selectively chooses the girls who are willing to put up a fight and win the physical battles.

As Ella Luter takes her spot in the starting line up, she walks on the field with her gameday face, which is her signature beaming smile. Luter’s remarks throughout the game and her grind are what get her to the top of the line up each game as a defender. “ I love playing defense because I get to see the looks on the girls face when they dribble the ball up the whole field just for me to take it from her,” she stated. Ella’s determination to see her opponents, squashed on the field after being taken out by her, encompassing the grit and grind of the team. Luter’s hardwork and determination is constant throughout the legacy of her Hutchison soccer career. Luter will never fail to make you laugh with her pig snorts or simply with her vibrating smile, even when she messes up. Ella Luter importantly deserves Hutchison soccer’s spotlight.