The BIG rivalry: MUS vs. CBHS

The CBHS vs. MUS game is always highly anticipated by students.

Emery Brown '23

The CBHS vs. MUS game is always highly anticipated by students.

Every night throughout the fall, each school patiently awaits for the big day to come. The day where they can come together and release their distaste for one another. It all started back in 1893. Memphis’ two all boy high schools were created and immediately became rival schools. Each year, there is one big football game known as the big rivalry. This year, on October 15th,  Memphis University School and Christian Brothers took their frustration out on each other on the MUS football field. The main goal for the players is to gain respect or dignity from the opposing team. Knox Brown 24′,MUS football player, said, “This was a very big game for us as a team in order to gain bragging rights and power until the next game.”

The stadium was packed full of MUS and CBHS fans. After many rain and weather delays, the game started at 8:15 p.m. with high tensions. The theme of U.S.A radiated throughout the MUS student section along with the sound of students yelling, the players chanting.

McCadden Wilborn 23’ said, “As a MUS cheerleader, I was very excited for the game because I did not know what the outcome would be. The game was supposed to be very close, however, MUS was in the lead the entire game.” MUS played great defense and offense and was able to hold CBHS back until the fourth quarter. Up until this point the score was 31-0. CBHS was finally able to score a touchdown, but it was not enough to pull out a win. After a long game, MUS won and was gifted with their student section cheering and running on the field. Knox Brown 24’ said, “It was very rewarding to be able to look up at the student section and see them all rushing out on the field to congratulate the team and their friends.”