FNL Rivalry

The MUS v CBHS school rivalry has been going on for many years in Memphis. Last Friday’s MUS v CBHS football game showed the boys’ rivalry on the field. The game was a huge deal to many people in Memphis, so many people were talking about it. The kickoff was supposed to be at 7:00, but because of a rain delay, it began at 8:30. “I really didn’t want it to be cancelled. I had been looking forward to this game for a long time.” Sophomore Emmy Roberts explained. This delay made people even more anxious about the game. 

The stands were completely full with parents, family, students, and friends. Hundreds of people came to the game. The MUS theme was USA, so the MUS stands were full of red white and blue, while CBHS had a white out. Fans were from many schools, but many Hutchison girls went to cheer on both the Owls and the Brothers. “I saw so many Hutchison girls cheering on the owls and brothers. It was cool to see who cheers for who.” Sophomore Blair Mellone said. 

The student sections were loud and crowded. The students sang, yelled, and cheered on the boys. “It was so loud in the MUS student section but I had so much fun singing and cheering with everyone else,” Freshman Anna Catherine Brickey said. The game was tense, as everyone wanted their team to win. MUS ended up taking the win, and beat the Brothers 31-9. The whole student section and others ran onto the field to talk to and congratulate the boys when the game was over.