Student Spotlight: Bella Klimo

Bella Klimo is a freshman at Hutchison. In addition to being a high school student, she is a cheerleader at Memphis Pride. She tells us, “I love cheer because I love the energy of it, and being able to perform in front of people to put a smile on their face”. Bella has been cheering for nine years and it is a big part of her life. She says, “My favorite part of cheer is probably stunting. It is just so fun and exciting. I also just love the energy that the performance gives off”. Being a part of a team is something else she appreciates about cheerleading. “Cheer has taught me to be a leader and how to be a team player even when it’s hard,” Bella says.

She explains, “I practice 3-4 times a week for 2-3 hours”. Many kids do extracurriculars outside of school, and Bella is one of them. It can’t always be easy to balance school and sports. She says “For me, because of Hutchison’s great block schedule and free time, I usually finish all of my work during y-block and study hall. Then I have all my work done and can do whatever I want when I get home from cheer practice.”