Record Breaker


Merial Rowland ’24 smiling for the camera after breaking the Hutchison School record.

For over thirty years, Josephine Schaeffer Covington 92’ has held the Hutchison School mile time record at 5 minutes and 12 seconds. However, everything changed on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 when sophomore Meriel Rowland defied the odds during a track meet at Memphis University School with a whopping 5 minutes and 10 second mile, setting the new school record.

Meriel Rowland is a dedicated, determined, and known to some as the most devoted girl within the class of 2024. Whether it is running on the track or running down the field with a lacrosse stick in her hand, this girl doesn’t take no for an answer. Running is inside Meriel Rowland’s veins. She was destined to race down the finish line since birth. Merial Rowland is not only an amazing track star for the Hutchison Sting, but also plays a vital role for the Hutchison Lacrosse team. She takes on the role as a Varsity Lacrosse starter, where she plays midfield. Meriel Rowland is the type of girl who goes from track, to lacrosse, to track again, yet somehow, she is able to achieve greatness on the track, turf, and in the classroom.

When asked to speak on Rowland’s success this year, her teammates, friends, and classmates had plenty to say, including Anne Hartmamn Lewis 24’ who stated, “ She is immortal, it is not real. She is superhuman.” Merial Rowland embodies so much strength and good character, which makes her an amazing and well rounded person. If you are looking for help committing to sports or academics, Meriel Rowland is the perfect person to call.

Meriel Rowland isn’t the only girl on the Hutchison track team to break a school record. Emmy Yambrek 22’ set the record in long jump by jumping 17 feet, beating the previous record by 9 inches. Yambrek has been running track since the seventh grade at Hutchison. When she is not on the track breaking school records, she serves as the Black team captain and the head cheerleading captain for MUS cheer. Not only is she involved in sports year round, but she was also crowned as this year’s Sting Fling queen and will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall of this year. Emmy is always preparing and ready for her meets and runs like its’ her last.

Both girls are prime examples of the hard work and dedication Hutchison athletes pour into their craft both on and off the field. Rowland and Yambrek have been trailblazers this track season as they set down some impressive records, and the school can’t wait to see what they accomplish next.