Another Win for the Sting


Caroline Schaefer smiles for the Daily Memphian.

Hutchison’s own Caroline Schaefer ‘08 will take on the role of Hutchison’s Athletic Director in July. Coach Schaefer is a friendly face on campus who can always be seen talking to students about their next big game or giving advice. Reese Miller ‘25 says, “ She always offers to help me with my technique in the Crane Center and supports me in all endeavors.” Coach Schaefer is also the brains behind the beloved Hutchison Sting Athletics account that highlights Hutchison’s talented athletes across all sports. Coach Schaefer when asked about her favorite part of working at an all-girls school, she said “ I do feel that Hutchison is uniquely special. There’s an element of freedom and confidence at an all-girls school that we all feel, but the community, culture, and sense of joy at Hutchison is not easily duplicated.”

Coach Schaefer will be succeeding Catherine Chubb as the new Athletic Director, who will take on the role of Hutchinson’s assistant head of school. Coach Schaefer has been working at Hutchison for 3 and a half years on full-time staff and as an assistant varsity lax coach for 3 seasons from 2013-to 2015. When asked about her reaction when she found out she got the job, Coach Schaefer said, “I was very excited and humbled when Dr. Ring offered me the job. After I met with her, I cried walking through the gym by myself on the way to my Black Team lax game. I was overcome with gratitude, nostalgia, and excitement all at once.”

This is a huge accomplishment for many reasons. Coach Schaefer will be working for her alma mater and one of the youngest athletic directors in the area. Along with those, she will be the only female Athletic Director at the city’s three all-girls high schools. Coach Schaefer said “You know, I can’t say I’ve thought a ton about being young or the only female, but in the end, I just want to be the right person for the job. When I hear that, it reminds me that I have a lot to learn, and that ultimately I just want to do the very best job I can to serve this community I love so much. I have a lot of personal pride in Hutchison and I am thrilled about this opportunity. ” Coach Schaefer is such an important part of our community and an amazing role model for all of us.