Wolf River Volleyball Tournament

Hutchison’s freshman volleyball team participated in their first volleyball tournament of the season on September 10, 2022. The Wolf River tournament took place at Houston Highschool, inviting many schools around the area. The team arrived at the gym around 7:00 am and remained there until the completion of their final game twelve long hours later.

The freshmen participated in five games over the course of twelve hours, without leaving the Houston gym. The team consists of eleven Hutchison freshmen and their coach, Daija Patton. Member of the volleyball team, Kennon Humphreys states, “I think our team works very well together, and when we communicate and play smartly we make an amazing team”. 

After the completion of their fourth game, the freshmen watched the Houston vs Rossville game, eagerly waiting to see who they would be playing in the silver division finals. After a long game, Houston came out on top, and Rossville was sent home from the tournament. 

The game began and Hutchison kept a couple point lead throughout the entire first set. The second set began and Hutchison, keeping the same energy from the first set, continued to take the lead. Member of the team, Mary Drew Beard, states “I felt very motivated to win because even though we all were very tired, we pushed through and worked together to win the silver bracket. ” Hutchison finally won the game, receiving the 2022 Silver Division first place plaque. The girls excitedly accepted the trophy and went home after a very long day of games.